New android game named Sceptrum

Eftersom detta spel är på engelska och riktar sig till en internationell publik så kommer jag skriva blogg inläggen om detta spel på engelska i fortsättningen.


Since this game is in English and addressed to an international audience, I will write the blog posts about this game in English in the future.


Well I’m right now in a process of creating a new RTS game to the android platform, This game is far from done and right now it’s not ready for gaming yet. I plan to release a first beta version of this game by the end of august. This is just preliminary date and this may change.


Anyway the game mechanism of the game are going to work like this. You control one city when game start and from that city can you recruit unit to your army’s. The troops added to the army will be reduce from the city so if your not careful you can throw the city in to a economical chaos. The city’s will also have a lot of different stats that you can change or upgrade like the tax for farmers or the weapon the troops uses. The goal is to conquer all the other city’s who is controlled by computer AI’s.


I will be making new post about the game as i develop it. When it is ready for beta it will be found on


Here is some image of the game right now, please notice that the design will probably change a lot until the final release date.

Sceptrum 1Sceptrum 2Sceptrum 3

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