Sceptrum 0.3

The new icon for the game

I have been working on this version for a long time i finally fell like i’m ready to release it.

Here is the link

Patch notes

  • Fixed crash on the hide button under the diplomacy panel.
  • Zoom feature added.
  • New image for cities.
  • New system to handle the map.
  • New image for map tiles.
  • Decrease the memory usage.
  • The movement of armies should not work without any problems.
  • Minor improvement on fighting animation.
  • New feature you can now retreat form battle by ordering the army to move while fighting.
  • System to handle multiple maps implemented, in a coming patches you will see a lot more maps to choose from.
  • Icon added to the game.

Here is a few images from ingame.

Sceptrum 0.2

* A new control now exist to change the tax for each of the three city classes.
* There is now a new animation for armies that walk.
* There is now a new image for a idle army.
* There is now a new animation for armies that fight.
* Improved the performance of the game a great deal.
* The fps now varies by performance  of the device.
* Fixed the bug that cause get strange movement of a army now if device is lagging.
* Minor improvement in the AI.

Sceptrum is in beta phase now

Well wrote about my game earlier, also how it got delayed Well i know fell that the game is ready for beta testing. But please remember this is a beta version and the game is not in a live version so not everything will be working at first.

You can find the game here.

If you find some bug of problem or perhaps something you like to suggest write it in the comments or the comments on (you need to be log in on to comment). Try to answer this template as best as you can when you post a problem.

What phone model do you got? (found under settings -> about phone)

What version of android you got? (found under settings -> about phone -> Firmware version)

What were you doing when it happened?

What is the problem?

But before you post please check this FAQ in case i’m already aware of the problem.

The AI is not work/acting strange

I’m aware of this problem and i will improve the AI as soon as i can.

The graphic looks like crap

Yeah i know I’m working on improving it to next patch.

The game is eating up a lot of memory (ram)

There is a problem with how image are being load in and I’m going fix it so but it should not be a problem for most phones yet.

Nothing happen when i pressed a button in the panel.

There is two possible source to the problem, 1 you don’t have enough resources to do that action, 2 the buttons function is not implemented yet.

The army walk right over water

Yes there is no restriction on walking for armies in the game yet, it’s coming.

The panel was hidden i clicked on a button

I’m not sure what the problem is here yet but I’m looking in to it.

How do i have more then one saved game

It’s not possible yet I’m working it.


If you find some bug of problem or perhaps something you like to suggest write it in the comments. You need to be log in to comment Try to answer this template as best as you can when you post a problem.

New android game named Sceptrum

Eftersom detta spel är på engelska och riktar sig till en internationell publik så kommer jag skriva blogg inläggen om detta spel på engelska i fortsättningen.


Since this game is in English and addressed to an international audience, I will write the blog posts about this game in English in the future.


Well I’m right now in a process of creating a new RTS game to the android platform, This game is far from done and right now it’s not ready for gaming yet. I plan to release a first beta version of this game by the end of august. This is just preliminary date and this may change.


Anyway the game mechanism of the game are going to work like this. You control one city when game start and from that city can you recruit unit to your army’s. The troops added to the army will be reduce from the city so if your not careful you can throw the city in to a economical chaos. The city’s will also have a lot of different stats that you can change or upgrade like the tax for farmers or the weapon the troops uses. The goal is to conquer all the other city’s who is controlled by computer AI’s.


I will be making new post about the game as i develop it. When it is ready for beta it will be found on


Here is some image of the game right now, please notice that the design will probably change a lot until the final release date.

Sceptrum 1Sceptrum 2Sceptrum 3