Sceptrum 0.3

The new icon for the game

I have been working on this version for a long time i finally fell like i’m ready to release it.

Here is the link

Patch notes

  • Fixed crash on the hide button under the diplomacy panel.
  • Zoom feature added.
  • New image for cities.
  • New system to handle the map.
  • New image for map tiles.
  • Decrease the memory usage.
  • The movement of armies should not work without any problems.
  • Minor improvement on fighting animation.
  • New feature you can now retreat form battle by ordering the army to move while fighting.
  • System to handle multiple maps implemented, in a coming patches you will see a lot more maps to choose from.
  • Icon added to the game.

Here is a few images from ingame.

Selelox uppdaterad

Selelox är uppdaterad. Efter dessa ändringar ska det gå lite lättare att använda sidan förhoppnings vis. patch note ligger här.

* You can now upload your program on the site and it should now be bug free.
* The interface problem on registration page has been fixed.
* The bug with caused problem on registration has been fixed.
* A my page has been added so you can find some general info about your account.
* The general interface for the website have been slightly updated.
* A dynamic page for all program has been added.
* The program page have got the interfaced remade.
* The navigation menu has been update and the new pages has been added